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4. december 2009 dahl, claus, ludowars, ludo, ai, web, crowdsourcing is a an ongoing community contest to build the best Ludo - parcheesi - playing algorithm in Javascript.

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Omar 14. december 2013 08:28 Slet

Claus Dahl? Er det muligt at folk kan uploade deres versioner af botsne på siden, så andre har mulighed for at teste dem?

Steffen 5. december 2009 11:40 Slet

I was always in pretty taken with this dumb approach to AI and did some experiments with whist long ago: Have four players play randomly (within the prescribed rules) for a few days, and then use the history to build a pseudo-ai.

Claus Dahl 5. december 2009 11:21 Slet

I'm thinking about that. What will bots know about their opponents? Which btw is just as intelligent as anything else. There's certainly going to be very long tournaments with memory, i.e. where you're able to remember the choices made by your opponents previously in the same tournament.

Steffen 5. december 2009 04:28 Slet

Is there are data log for all played games as well -- that is, would I be able to implement an algorithm based on previous play history rather than on real intelligence? (How have previous player acted in a similar situation, and did they win or lose the game?)

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