Demodag 4

Demodag 4 was Feb 23rd 2010 @Bysted in Copenhagen. Lots of great single serving sites for conspicuous consumption, a phone company, video surveillance, hot/cold copper and a wire lamp.

Thanks to Bysted for hosting and to everybody for showing up. Extra special video thanks to @bewildergeist for manning the camera.

Demodag 4

Wire Lamp

1.525 views 19. marts 2010

I actually don't have any digital coordinates for Maja Langhorn, but the crocheted wire lamp is...

Demodag 4

Surveillance in the cloud

1.384 views 19. marts 2010

@danielovich was burglarized, so he's putting video recordings from home in the cloud. We also...

Demodag 4


1.523 views 19. marts 2010

You have a Mac at home, an iPhone in your pocket and bittorrent on the internet. You need...

Demodag 4


1.565 views 19. marts 2010

@auchenberg with a nice solution to the discovery problem for Spotify users. Blending in your...

Demodag 4

1.593 views 19. marts 2010

@thomasofdenmark with his convenient and tight concert guide found at

Demodag 4

Firmafon geo-hack

1.979 views 19. marts 2010

Firmafon - a web based united front for your corporate phone system - with a nice hack which...

Demodag 4

Computational composites

1.325 views 19. marts 2010

@akav showcasing some of her thesis work from her recently completed PhD. This is a prototype of...

Demodag 4

1.340 views 19. marts 2010

@Claus standing in for @mortenjust - showcasing the tight and to the point movie guide at

Demodag 4

Tabloid topic tracker

1.905 views 19. marts 2010

Morten Gade with the very first spreadsheet demo at Demodag! He's tracking top stories on the...

Demodag 4

1.361 views 19. marts 2010 (@ifjernsyn on Twitter, by Mads Kristensen, is a simple looking but content packed...