Demodag 3

Demodag 3 was on December 1st 2009 at Creuna in Copenhagen. Great attendance, and a lot of interesting demos. Sadly, I don't have video of the field trip to see The Rebike - solar powered hit and run WiFi - but there's video on the Reboot website.

Thanks to Creuna for hosting the event.

Demodag 3


1.921 views 4. december 2009

Rob Neros Trkbrd (trackboard) device new hardware for interaction. Details here:...

Demodag 3

Evil Machina

1.814 views 4. december 2009

Marcus Olsson's stereo-vision, 6 legged evil machine. More info at .

Demodag 3

Remote Lego

1.526 views 4. december 2009

Peter Neubauer talks about his Mindstorms remote control ideas - and we have a quick look at his...

Demodag 3


1.436 views 4. december 2009

Presentation of - where Jackass meets Youtube and micropayments - by...

Demodag 3

Face Tracking in Flash

3.076 views 4. december 2009

Jacob Hansson shows his brand new face tracking demo written in Flash/Actionscript. I'm not aware...

Demodag 3


1.797 views 4. december 2009 is a an ongoing community contest to build the best Ludo - parcheesi -...

Demodag 3

Worn Web

1.650 views 4. december 2009

Kenneth Auchenbergs Worn Web digital patina plugin for Firefox - more info at

Demodag 3

Dancing Sudoku

3.270 views 4. december 2009

Hans Hurvig with a nice application of Donald Knuth's "dancing links"-technique, applied to...

Demodag 3

Anti Annoyance Twitterbots

1.465 views 4. december 2009

Meet @automad and @autotreo conversation partners for your auto tweets - inspired by @marks and...