Demodag #25

292 views 14. april 2015

Demodag 24

Bedre SkoleIntra - app

322 views 8. december 2014

Demodag 24


414 views 26. november 2014

Ole Gammelgaard - @olegam on Twitter - with a workaround, so you don't have to use the e-Boks app...

Demodag 8

Vodafone Scrumboard

8.044 views 29. november 2010

An impressive attempt at a tangible scrumboard based on RFID-markers, but actually orchestrating...

Demodag 8

Brain Scanner

1.315 views 29. november 2010

Christian Dalager with a quick peek inside his brain. Sadly for the duration of the demo it was...

Demodag 8

3 Little Demos

1.380 views 29. november 2010

iPad stop watches, 1:1 photo rendering on the iPad and some impressive infographics tailored to...

Demodag 8

Demodag award Ceremony

1.092 views 29. november 2010

Morten Just kindly sponsored a best demo award - a vintage Commodore 64 still in the original...

Demodag 8

1.479 views 29. november 2010

A recently launched social file sharing service in tune with modern flowmedia and microblogging....

Demodag 8

Marble Art

1.287 views 29. november 2010

This was almost a revisit to an earlier Demo Dag demo. At the very first Demo Dag, these two guys...

Demodag 8

A keyboad for panda bears

1.469 views 29. november 2010

Just the barest of functional prototypes of a future keyboard designed specifically to be useful...

Demodag 6

Scarecrow for little people

1.073 views 9. september 2010

A practical concert going assistant for short people, from @JaneMejdahl.

Demodag 7

Pirates of new Horizons/Pickr/Apologies/Announcements

1.142 views 9. september 2010

Sadly we don't have video of the last two demos. The impressive game demo from Zacker has a nice...

Demodag 7


1.102 views 9. september 2010

Searchable geo located supermarket special offers on your iPhone, from Ricki Gregersen.

Demodag 7

Whiteboard DJ

1.140 views 9. september 2010

Your handwriting controlled music system, from Carsten Jørgensen.

Demodag 7


2.549 views 9. september 2010

Appspot hosted reading list for all the longform stuff you keep in your RSS feeds. From...